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Welcome to Sky Love Boutique!

We are an online women’s boutique focused on curating unique, trendy clothing for you - the busy modern woman, the working mom, the woman on a mission. Our carefully selected pieces are versatile to help you adjust from home life, to work, to a night out. We also have gorgeous dresses for those special occasions that will make you look glamorous. Each piece we choose for you is of quality, affordability, and convenience to fit into your lifestyle. You deserve all the nice things because you're special, amazing, and you were meant for a purpose.

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Our tops range from casual to glam, with the latest trends like balloon sleeves to your basic knit top. We have tanks, blouses, and staple shirts. Majority of our tops are fashion tops because we believe clothes should make a statement by being the focal point of your outfit.
We currently have jeans, slacks, and skirts. Our jeans range from high waisted, wide legged, to distressed mom jeans. Our slacks are super on trend as well and can make any outfit put-together. We also carry skirts that are a leopard, cheetah, and snakeskin print, and a solid color satin.
Our most popular items are the unique, gorgeous pieces we have in dresses. Whether it’s a basic dress with a twist, ruffled necklines, puffy sleeves, or body hugging, you’re going to love each piece for its originality and how it compliments your body.
Our romper and jumpsuit collection are must-haves in your wardrobe. Each piece embodies the hottest trends today and is either a statement piece or a great item to add layers. You can wear a blazer or cardigan over our rompers and jumpsuits or wear it by itself with earrings and a necklace. Our rompers and jumpsuits are a beautiful solid colors, floral prints, stripes, abstract art, or tye dye.